Fundraising for Moncure

 Check out this video showing all the fun we have on work nights!

The Moncure PTA pays for many of our students’ favorite programs -athletics, science fun for everyone, band, technology, awards, class supplies and special events. The PTA raises money for these programs through volunteers working at the PTA Thrift store. Each year, volunteer hours at the store earn us $20,000 to $30,000! We would not be able to raise this much with other types of school fundraisers. If just one member of every family would volunteer one night at the store we will meet our fundraising goal.

Where & What is a Work Night?

The PTA thrift store is located next to the new Ace Hardware in Pittsboro - 400 East St.

Moncure’s work night is every Tuesday from 5:30 to 7:30. Volunteers, “elf” the store by straightening shelves and racks, doing light cleaning and restocking items. You work at your own pace, talk to friends, meet new friends, hang out with your child’s teacher AND can shop while you work - Volunteers receive 50% off clothing, books & toys!

Please let us know when you can help!

Click here to sign up now to work at the thrift store OR contact us at and let us know you will be working!

Can’t work on Tuesday but still want to help?

Empty the drop box -
click here to sign up or contact to empty the drop box at the school. Drivers get double hours! Bring a friend and they get work hours also!

Donations - The thrift store will take donations.  A donation of $7.50 for each hour you would have worked will give our PTA credit for work hours!
Please click here to donate now.  (Make a note on the donation stating it is for the thrift store).